The Picture Smart Kid

Our next intelligence in this series about the 8 Great Smarts, is the picture smart kid.

How to tell if you kiddo is a picture smart kid

These kids think with pictures. They think with visuals in books, pictures, diagrams, maps, charts and illustrations. They get lost in creating things. They need to be able to doodle/draw and allow their creativity to be respected. They tend to create and see in their minds. They generally are better at drawing and painting than other children.

Struggles for picture smart kids

Focus is hard for them, they get bored.

Judgmental on people’s appearances..

Things not looking right, gets frustrated when it’s not perfect.

Ways to strengthen this intelligence

Coloring together.

Finger painting.

Build with Play-Doh, Popsicle sticks, and Legos.

Reading picture books together.

Going to art museums.

Having them visualize the things they are studying.

Play games like Telestrations and Pictionary.


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