Preparing Hearts For His Glory Recap- Unit 4

It’s week four/ unit four! We’ve officially have been in school for almost a month now.

So this week.

String Bean did a little research on the Ice Age and read up on some more information about the Ice Age in his  Life in the Great Ice Age  book.

He did some more doodling in his Independent History Study binder about the Tower of Babel and wrote more about life during the Ice Age.



He also had some more vocabulary words to work on. This week cracked me up, I didn’t notice it until I was taking a picture of his sheet. I’ll show you the picture first.


So the words he chose to look up, draw and write about are firebreak, clan and mammoth. Ok, cool. The sentence he wrote for clan I busted out laughing. For any of those who know me, know that I started a fun game/hobby while Mr. Newman was in California this spring called Munzee hunting. In this game there are clans where you play to reach certain levels and you can get virtual rewards to help you with playing the game later on. Anyway, this month I was in the clan called puppies and String Bean decided to share that in his schoolwork.

So speaking of laughing I found out also this week he is easily distracted and gets frustrated when he tries to work on his own thing when his little brother is reading out loud next to him. So I found an old phone of ours that still worked, installed a music player app on it and made him listen to basically classical music. This particular day it wasn’t a normal August day where it was warm, so he wore something a little warmer.


I about died when I saw him walking around with these headphones on and his lil track suit.

Back before we started school, I had bought String Bean a Happy Planner for his school stuff. I contribute to Planner Squad twice a month and this month I made up some fun homeschooling/school stickers for the Happy Planner for those who would use them. I was writing in it and there was a lot to be written and it looked all jumbled together. I got to thinking, I need to make something for this guy’s planner. So I revamped the stickers I made for Planner Squad and made them to go with his Harry Potter themed Happy Planner.



That pretty much wraps up unit 4 for this guy. Stay tuned for next week!




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