Preparing Hearts For His Glory Recap – Unit 1

We switched our homeschool curriculum completely this year. I was tired of ALL the workbooks that we had and the inevitability of them falling apart halfway through the unit we were using them for.  I did  a lot of digging around back in December of last year to find out what other curriculums were out there that would best suit the kiddos.

Eventually I was led to Heart of Dakota publishing and their curriculum from String Bean’s best friend’s mama who uses it with her kiddos. She told me all the ins and outs of the curriculum and I was sold. This year String Bean is doing Preparing Hearts For His Glory for the main bit of his studies, but we took out what they recommend for the sciences and math. Instead we are using Apologia science Human Anatomy ( which he shares learning time with Turbo) and Math U See Gamma for Math.

Here’s a breakdown of what we did for unit 1.

The focus of this unit is Creation to Noah.

String Bean started reading about the story of Cain and Abel and how Satan used Can’s sinful nature to stir up hatred for Abel. He also read about the great flood and Noah’s story.

Along with his reading he had some vocabulary words to work on. He had to look three words up, write out the definition, draw a picture of the word and use it in a sentence.


He had a history project to work on, and it was designing his own coat of arms, but he had to first research what coat of arms are, what colors usually are found on it and other symbols that may be on there.


As part of learning history from God’s creation of the earth, he was to draw some plants, trees, a dinosaur, and people with the help of Draw and Write book.




In science we started learning about the human body and what cells are and how they work. We also learned about how people of ancient Egypt and the Hebrews took care of their people, either when they were sick or were deceased.

So we did an experiment with some apples and various concoctions of salt, epsom salt and baking soda that covered them to see what one worked the best in preserving the apples/mummies.


Overall it was a good start to the school year, we’ll see what happens as we continue to learn this year!!

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