Preparing Hearts For His Glory Recap – Unit 2

This unit String Bean focused on Life after the flood.

He spent time reading about cavemen and when we suspected they lived on earth. How they lived, where they lived and other aspects of what life was like after the flood.

In his independent history study section of his unit he had to read about Noah’s ark and then draw and color Noah’s Ark for his binder for this part of his studies. He also had to draw a giraffe. Unfortunately, he was being stubborn and didn’t want to color the days he was working on these drawings.


Which by the way, I love love these pages that I found in a Facebook group that goes specifically for this curriculum. If you do a search for Preparing Hearts for His Glory, and ask to be in the group, you can find them in the files section. There are so many other ones in there that we didn’t use but if you need them, use them! They are awesome!!

We learned a little bit more about the cell and parts of it. This week both boys drew the structure of the cell and labeled it.



That was it for week/ unit 2!!

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