School Starting

Well it’s that time of year again.

School season.


We start school next week (August 10th), and I’m not sure how I feel about starting this early.

We tend to wait until the last full week in August to start but with me starting Turbo in Kindergarten this year I want to make sure that I have time to homeschool both of them and take care of Chunky Monkey at the same time.

I think I’m pretty much prepped for next week.

I bought school supplies last weekend, sorted them out to the right children. Put up the maps and the presidents that kept falling down last year.

String Bean is taking on Spanish this year, for half the year, and I made up some little picture thingys that have the colors in Spanish.


Fixed the calendar that’s in the room because it had been on April since well, April and thought it should be on the right month if I’m to teach Turbo how to read a calendar at some point this year.


I also have their binders ready to go. Put in the calendars and highlighted the tests, quizzes, projects and other things that are due.



If you recall I posted about them a couple months back on how they look. I’ve actually nixed using my lesson plan page that I made and am using this online lesson planning thing from Lesson Trek. It’s meant for homeschooling mamas (and dads too) or private schools to use. It’s pretty neat, I think.

My good friend (bestie-yeah I’m a 10 year old girl) actually posted a link about it on Facebook and they were having a give-away for people to try it out, I guess and you got a free subscription for it. I was like, hey, I hate printing off the plans every week and writing things down, why not give this a shot. So I signed up and started plugging in the kids’ lessons. And I like it. I do have a couple of qualms, if you will about it. So people of Lesson Trek if you’re listening, take note.

I do wish that you can get a monthly view of things instead of just looking at it by the week. I royally screwed up with String Bean’s lessons when I got to November–forgot to take off for Thanksgiving. And I had to sit there and move everything from that point on until the end of the year. #NOTCOOL.  Also, it would be nice to set up the entire year right away and add in breaks for holidays right away so you don’t make mistakes like not taking off for Thanksgiving.

Then from this website you can print off the week’s lessons and I did such that and stuck it in the binders after putting it in a plastic cover because it’s bound to get ripped out at some point.


I also put up some inspirational-if you will- words up on the wall.

We’ve got PE teacher Phil Hughes hanging out with us to help us learn about baseball and pitching.


And you can’t forget about Superintendent NSA Agent John Casey watching over us to make sure we don’t screw up. Or blow up his precious Crown Vic.



All I have to do yet is get some books from the library to read to Turbo and I’m done!


Wish us luck! And good luck to the other homeschooling families out there. Whether you’ve been doing it for awhile or just starting!


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