School Week Round-up #10

It’s Friday!!

This week and really the weekend has been uber crazy for the Newman household. Last Thursday and Friday Mr. Newman and I helped my brother pack and move. Then Friday my dad came down to visit and take us out to lunch at our favorite restaurant, Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant. String Bean has been practicing his little heart out for our church’s Christmas program they put on every year with the kids. This year will be his last year doing it as it only goes up to 4th graders. So he has been at church a lot in the last week for practice. Then our little monkey got sick this week, therefore Mr. Newman and I haven’t got much sleep because he isn’t feeling well.

Despite the craziness of this week, we’ve managed to stay to our school schedule and get things done before the week is out.

He learned about Jonah and the big fish and Daniel in the lion’s den this week  in his bible studies. He made this cute little lion craft to go with the story we read.



Last week Turbo learned about his body and all the things about it. This week he learned a little more about his body, more specifically, his 5 senses.



This week he started learning subtraction! AHHHH!!!! I was really afraid that he would freak out but actually he’s doing pretty well with it. He gets excited when he sees four minus four or some other problem where the result is zero. Silly boy.


String Bean on the other hand has started division. Again, ahhhhhh!!!!!!! I’m dreading the day he starts algebra. I’m terrified of that stuff. *shudders*


Well that’s all for now! Come back next week for more of our adventures in homeschooling

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