School Week Round-Up #2

This week Turbo has been learning about Dinosaurs. RAWR! I didn’t go into very much detail about them, just basically that they existed and a couple of types of dinosaurs. He made a dinosaur mask..


Then we worked on a couple of tracing letters worksheets that went with the dinosaur theme. As well as some fun games. Like a rolling dice and graphing game and a pattern game where he had to cut out little pictures of dinosaurs to continue the pattern.

Turbo working on his worksheets with his dinos
Turbo working on his worksheets with his dinos


I got the worksheets from Pre-K Pages. They’re pretty cute. The only bummer is, is that once you buy them they’re only available for 72 hours and I totally did not see that and did not save it to my computer and when I learned I was missing a page for his work yesterday I couldn’t get into it anymore. 🙁 I kind of wanted to save it Chunky when he gets into kindergarten. Guess I’ll hope they’re still around and buy it again.

Turbo has also started to add a little more this week in Math. He’s up to adding 2 to numbers up to the number 9. The other day he actually asked for more worksheets. Silly kid.

This week he learned a new shape. Ok, it’s not really new to him, he knew it already but it was the shape of the oval. Pretty cool stuff there. He also learned the letter H and had to find words that started with the letter H.


String Bean is learning more about poems and prose and more on prefixes. Yay!!


In his bible lessons he’s learning about some Proverbs and studying the bible. Like what it means to study the bible, how to study it, how often you’re should read.

He had to draw his favorite Proverb verse on a sheet of paper and he chose Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will keep your paths straight.



In history and geography he started a new unit on deserts. Not to be confused with desserts. Mmmmm desserts. You know if you stare at that word long enough it starts to look wrong. Anyway, off topic. So the whole unit for science is based on deserts and desert life. Too bad we don’t have a private jet or T.A.R.D.I.S. (yeah I went there) where we can explore these habitats personally.

This week in science he’s finishing up on learning about the different habitats and moving onto how to care for the earth.

That’s it for this week!! See you next Friday!

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