School Week Round Up

I really should have started this at the beginning of the year. I had all intentions of doing it too. My mind just got the best of me.

The title of the blog posts is a working title, so if you have any recommendations please share! It’ll be a weekly thing so..


For awhile now String Bean has been learning more multiplication, I guess he learned a bit last year but he’s been reviewing it. This last week he’s been working on multiplying a double-digit number with a single digit number. Scary stuff. I hate math with a passion. I told Mr. Newman that when he gets to the hard stuff like Geometry, that’s all him.

In his science lessons he has been learning about different habitats. He’s learned about them before but now that he’s in fourth grade he learns a bit more about them. Specifically he has been learning this week about the balance of nature, and the different habitats like river communities and field communities.

I’ve been enjoying his History and Geography lessons this past week and a half. He’s been touring the world at different seaports. First he learned about Sydney and the culture there, as well as Hong Kong and Istanbul. This week he will be finishing up learning about London. So far he’s learned what beef eaters are and where the Queen lives and various other aspects of London life.

String Bean's drawing of Parliament and Big Ben
String Bean’s drawing of Parliament and Big Ben

Turbo has had kind of rough week this week, on Wednesday he started not feeling very well and took the day off yesterday. But he has learned quite a bit already.

In math he learned how to add! How exciting. It’s a bit frustrating to start out teaching them the concept of adding, but hopefully he gets it. He’s only doing addition up to 5 so it’s nothing too complicated.

In science this week he learned about amphibians and the life cycle of them. I used a froggie fold up book to help him learn the life cycle of amphibians, really more of the life cycle of the frog.





He has been learning the letters  C, K, and F as well as the ck sound in language arts.


Double fisting it.
Double fisting it.

For about a week he has been learning the story of Moses in his bible studies. This week he finishes up with him and will start with Joshua. Its fun to see him remember some of the stories he’s already learned in sunday school and can tell me things about them here.

That’s it for this week of school lessons. Let’s hope I can keep up with this. 🙂

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