DIY Spring Burlap Wreath

It’s spring!!

Ok, it’s almost spring. Where I live the birds are back,  the snow is gone – hopefully– and it’s a tad bit warmer.  In Minnesota if the temps get above like 50-60 degrees, you better bust out the sunscreen and flipflops, where as in other places they’d think we’re crazy. I remember one year when I was a junior in high school I went to Florida for spring break and I wore flip flops and shorts and all the people who are native to Florida kept giving me funny looks because I was wearing flip flops and it was only 60 some degrees out. Uh hi, this is like summer to me peeps, where there is probably still snow on the ground at home.

Anywho, today I bring you a easy peasy spring wreath to spruce up your front door.

I totally got the idea for this type of wreath from Decor By the Seashore. I had been wanting to make an all-seasons type of wreath where you only change out little bits of it but the main part stays the same. And here it is!

Gather your supplies!

You’ll need:

  • a wreath form
  • scissors
  • ribbon for bow
  • pins
  • flowers
  • burlap strips or ribbon
  • glue-hot glue works best
  • Raffia ribbon (optional for hanging)

spring wreath


Now with the wreath form, you can get the plain Styrofoam type and wrap it in with the burlap or you can cheat like I did and buy a pre-wrapped burlap straw wreath form. Teehehee.

So once you’ve wrapped your wreath in burlap, grab your flowers/leaves and pull them off the stem so they are as flat as possible.

spring wreath2


Arrange them on your wreath how you’d like to them to be, then start pinning them onto your wreath. I hid my pins as much as I could with the flowers and leaves.

spring wreath3


At this point you can make a bow for your wreath, I opted not to, if you need a tutorial on how to make check this one out.

Your wreath is then ready to be displayed on your front door! I just used some thick ribbon and made a loop around the top part of the wreath to hang on my hook.

spring wreath4

spring wreath5


And now you have a beautiful DIY wreath you can change  out for every season or holiday and you don’t have to store 10 different ones throughout the year! I love how this turned out and I’m excited for the next “season” so I can change it!

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