Star Wars Picnic

Every once in awhile we have picnic’s in our house.

WHA? A picnic. In your house?

Isn’t that just eating?

Well yes, and no.

We eat in our house, you are correct but we take our food to our TV area and watch a movie or TV show.

*GASP!* You eat in front of the TV?!?!

“You really shouldn’t do that. That damages your children’s…” Ah shush you.

We only do it once in awhile. We have our meals together don’t you worry your little head.

We only have supper picnic style when we order pizza or have a take away of Chinese food.

Tonight’s picnic episode we had frozen pizza and watched Star Wars.

The reason for tonight’s picnic and Star Wars watching was that Mr. Newman shared with me a new way of watching all of the movies. I told him we had to try it out.

Obviously we aren’t going to get through all 6 movies tonight. Only 2 at most.

So here’s how it goes according to Mr. Newman.

“Watch in this order:  IV: A New Hope, V: Empire Strikes Back, II: Attack of the Clones, III: Revenge of the Sith, and VI: Return of the Jedi.

You completely skip over the first one because it sucks and is virtually useless in the story. Two and three are just back story and not actual stories and they ruin the ‘I’m your father cliffhanger’. Episode 5 ends on a cliffhanger by watching Episodes 2 and 3 next its like a flashback”

I got the kids’ little redneck glasses, as I like to call them ready of kool-aid, the pizza all ready to go and Episode 4 in the DVD player.


You should try it sometime!



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