Summer Bucket List

Last week the big boys went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for VBS at their church. They had a blast. And I’m sure they wore out Grandma and Grandpa. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

That meant I was home during the day with just Chunky Monkey.

One day while the Chunkster was napping my bestie texted me with a picture of a project her and her big girls were working on that day.

A summer fun list.

Honestly, I had been thinking of doing something similar prior to her texting.

Every summer it seems String Bean gets bored of just playing with his toys. So this year I’m going to put a stop to that early enough and make a fun list of things we are going to do.

Introducing, summer bucket list.

All I really did was think of things we can do for free or for very cheap and wrote them down on a piece of tagboard that I had stashed away in our classroom and post it up in their room.

There are some pretty simple things on the list like, make s’mores, playing hopscotch, playing in the sprinklers.

Then there are other things where we have to make things like suncatchers, bird feeders and so on.

summer bucket list

I also have ideas for places for us to go to, like Cow Interrupted (ice cream place in town), the library, the free zoo and other places.

summer bucket list

When the boys came back this weekend, I showed it to them and already on Monday String Bean was begging to do something on there.

He decided he wanted to build a Lego castle.

And that he did. ( I apologize, my children have a ton of Legos and they are never put away)

summer bucket list

He worked on it for a couple hours.

summer bucket list

Granted it’s not the most elaborate Lego castle but he had fun making it.



By the looks of it, Hulk is there to protect the back of the castle where I believe that is a jail. Just in case prisoners escape. ๐Ÿ™‚


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