I know I’m a bit late on the Thanksgiving bandwagon, but I’ve been busy! It seems like I’ve been busy a lot lately.  I guess it’s that time of year again huh?

So, how was your Thanksgiving?

Good I hope.

Ours was very busy. We actually celebrated Thanksmas, which is a combo of Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one!  You see my brother-in-law and his family were only going to come to Minnesota for Thanksgiving and not come out for Christmas because it just gets super expensive for them to drive from out in the boondocks of South Dakota.

We didn’t actually have the whole family together until Saturday. So I spent quite a bit of time doing other things. Such as this…



Yep String Bean and I frosted all those cookies Grandma Newman made.



A little sample of our creativity.  String Bean thought that it would be funny to take some of the gingerbread people and make them into vampires. Goofy boy.

When everyone did make it on Saturday we opened presents after our big meal.


String Bean with his new hat, from his cousins.



Sammy with his new ball. Isn’t he cute?{He’s not mine just so you know, but he is super cute!}



All the kids. And to think there’s going to be two more next Christmas. Oy. {Not saying who’s expecting just in case there are people who don’t know yet!}


That’s all from me for now!

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