Update on House Projects

Here’s a new update on projects going on around the house.

This month we budgeted one big project and the possibility of some smaller ones later on in the month if the cash flow allows.

We’re working on the downstairs still.

After Mr. Newman cut a hole in the wall for the door to the second “bedroom” we decided to start with the insulation.

house updates

house updates2

house updates3

He already did the wiring in the spare bedroom as well as his office area or the train room or the “second bedroom”. He did some networking in both the office and the spare bedroom a couple of months ago.

Last weekend we purchased 6 big rolls of insulation. It was a good time. Last night Mr. Newman started putting some of it up around the knee wall, that he had framed, which is the exterior wall.

house updates4

house updates5

house updates6



If we have extra, which more likely we will, we’re going to use it as sound insulation between the two bedrooms and the spare bedroom and the living room.

That’s it for now, we’ll keep you posted with more construction projects we have going on. I think next month it’s a door for the office room and possibly some drywall!

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