Vocabulary Flash Cards

I’ve kind of noticed something with String Bean and his homeschooling.

When it came time for him to take a test or quiz or even just doing his daily work he struggles with the vocabulary that is given at the beginning of each section of his workbooks.

So light bulb came on before school started.

Why not make flashcards for the kid with the vocabulary words and their meaning within the subject.


Problem solved.

Here’s how I made them.

Super duper easy.


3×5 index cards

pen or pencil of your choosing

marker (color of your choosing)

So here’s what I do.

Find the vocabulary words for the subject we’re working with. Write one word per note card. I also write down what unit it comes from and what section as well.

vocabulary flash cards

vocabulary flash cards


Then I highlight the top part where I write down the unit and section number according to the subject it belongs to. For example this happens to for science and science is green.

Then when the note cards are all done, I paperclip them together until we are ready to go over the words. After that they go into the box in alphabetical order. String Bean can then go back and look up a word if needs to.

vocabulary flash cards


Pretty easy peasy huh?


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