Walking in the Woods

Thursday night after supper the family and I went out a somewhat new park in our area to walk off our meal.

It’s so pretty there. We’re actually going to have our family pictures taken out there next month and I can’t wait!

There’s lots of trails for walking, biking and in the winter time for skiing.


There’s this pond/lake thing that is inside the park and we walked around it as much as the trail would let us.


We saw so many butterflies, bees and frogs while on our walk.



We went out there to gather some leaves for String Bean’s school work. Turbo decided he was going to pick some up too. 🙂



There’s this little place by the parking lot called Fawn’s Crossing. And it’s this play area for kids (and their parents) to play in.




It has these pumps (see above) and the water drains down into a stream that goes into a round sandboxie type thing. Mr. Newman was making dams for the kids but they didn’t like it, as it was messing with their playing.

And here’s where I’m going to get artsy fartsy with picture taking.


This is from the building where the bathrooms are. Yep. I took a picture of the building where the bathrooms are. But it had really cool texture to it.


And the rocks from the “stream” the kids made.



And a pretty purple thistle(?).

Anyway we had fun out there. And I’m sure we’ll go back again and again.


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