Week in Review – BLHFHG Week 1

This is our first week in school for the year 2017-2018!

Woot woot!

This year, like I said in my last post, was a little different in that Jakey started a week before Luke because he was at church camp with all his little buddies.

So this year, I’ve implemented a section of our morning being spent together called Morning Circle Time (If you want to check out more on this please visit this post!).

This is Jakey’s second year with The Heart of Dakota curriculum, and if you’ve been following along, we are going to be using Beyond Little Hearts For His Glory for his core subjects.

For Unit 1, Jakey was introduced to a family from Spain making their journey to Florida to make a new life for themselves. He was introduced a little bit of the colonization and explorers of the new world a little bit last year in LHFHG, but this year we get to dive in a little deeper into who these people were and what life was like for them. So we created the world out of masking tape and little pieces of paper and he had to show me the routes of Magellan and Columbus with our little world.

He made a shield to go with our memory verse for this unit which was Psalm 4:8 and Psalm 18: 1-6.

In our science lessons (we’re doing Flying Creatures of the 5th Day by Apologia) , J learned a little bit about taxonomy,-  I know right? – and made up his own little mnemonic device to remember the classification of animals. And we did this fun little experiment to test the flight of our air gliders, to see which one would go the furthest. The longer winged one or the shorter winged one. Which one do you think won?

During story time we started reading a biographical story of Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin. So far it seems like an interesting story and Jakey seems to like it because it has a cat on the front. It’s about a Quaker boy named Benjamin who becomes a famous painter.

He started using a new math curriculum this year. We switched to  Master Books Level 2. So far it’s been going well. He only does a page or two a day with a little story to start out each unit.

We started some art lessons too. Just little bits and pieces from Easy Peasy Homeschool. This week he learned about complimentary colors. It was fun watching him create a piece of art on the website The Artist’s Toolkit.

Jakey has continued with Poems and Rhymes this year with his curriculum. The first poem we learned about was called The Storm  by Sara Coleridge. He drew a beautiful picture of what the poem was about.


Have you started your school year yet? I hope it goes well if you have and good luck to those who will be starting soon!

Until next time!

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