Week In Review RTR Week 1

This week was Luke’s first day of school. It’s been kind of hard to get him back into the groove of things while also trying to teach Jakey and keep the toddler from distracting us. Needless to say he did well despite a few hiccups the first day.

This year, as I stated in a previous post, he is doing HOD’s Resurrection to Reformation.

This is kind of newer format to us, well really me, than last year’s curriculum of Preparing Hearts For His Glory. So here is where some of the hiccups happened. I wasn’t quite sure how IEW’s Medieval History Based Writing Lessons were going to go. So we had to take a few minutes and figure it out.

Here’s a sampling of his Medieval Writing for this week. Please excuse his handwriting, that’s something we’re working on. 🙂

As stated before he is doing Resurrection to Reformation, so to start the year he’s learning, again, about Ancient Rome and surrounding areas. His first history project is of a Roman Arch out of clay. We cheated and used pre-made clay instead of making our own. Ain’t no body got time for that.

Also, fun thing we got to do on Monday, was the solar eclipse. The kids thought it was fun. But at peak time, some clouds rolled in so we didn’t get to see it. 🙁

Luke’s bible study this year is all on the book of Philippians. I found this little gem and thought it was fitting, not only because Luke will be reading through this book but also it is a gentle reminder to one in our household who tends to grumble a lot. Not naming any names.

Like I said in our curriculum choices post, Luke is going to learn about William Shakespeare and his works. This week he read half of the story of The Tempest. He said it didn’t seem interesting to him. We’ll see if any of the stories down the road do. Hopefully…I was really excited for him to learn about Shakespeare.  With this study, he has a Shakespeare notebook journal where he’ll have to copy some things into it from his readings.

He was super excited about his science studies this year because…it’s all about astronomy. YAY!

I found these fun notebooking pages in the Facebook HOD RTR group. This week was all about learning the planets and where they are in our solar system.


In his Independent History Studies, he listened to Diana Waring, the narrator and author of the collection of What In The World? discuss all the Roman Emperors, like Nero, Constantine and a whole bunch of others (according to Luke).


Well that’s it for this week! Tatty byes!

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