Week In Review BLHFHG Week 2

Another homeschool week in the Newman household. Let’s see what we’ve accomplished this week!

Jakey started his week by checking out the solar eclipse.

This week Jakey continued his art lessons on complimentary colors. We did this cool art project with circles and then we drew an outline of his hand. Then he was to color his hand outline within the circles either with cool or warm colors and then the outside of his hand with the opposite of what he chose for his hand.

Mommy colored one as well to help him out. 🙂

Our history lessons took us the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia where we met a little girl named Sally and her family. Towards the end of our unit we read a sad situation in the story, in that her house caught fire.  But the good people in that settlement helped Sally’s family by providing food and other things for the family. The lesson also mentioned John Smith and his interaction with the Powhatan’s, including Pocahontas. I let him watch the Disney movie later in the week to have fun with his lesson. I know it’s not the whole true story of Pocahontas, but hey, it works.

We read a nice little poem from Ralph Waldo Emerson, titled Father, We Thank Thee. After we read it a few times Jakey had to draw a picture of the poem or what he interpreted what the poem was about. We made  a list of things that it  mentioned and then he came up with his own picture from that list.

His bible memory verse for this unit was from the book of Galatians and talked about working hard and trusting God for their blessings. This tied into another story we read later on in the week about Naomi and Ruth as well as our history story.

This is his art project based off the Ruth and Naomi story we read during our last history lesson of this unit.

Our science fun is coming along nicely, continuing our work of learning about the flying creatures of our world. This week Jakey and I took a fun little nature walk to find items on a checklist.


That’s it for this week! We’ll see you next time!

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