Week In Review: HOD BLHFHG Week 3

It’s week three of our homeschool year!

I can’t believe we’re this far already. It feels like we just started.

This unit we learned about the trouble that was brewing with the people in the village of Scrooby, England. In our readings we met the Brewster family and learned a little about them before they decided to leave England to worship God the way they wanted to. Jakey played this game towards the end of the week that we had to roll a dice and figure out if he was going to agree with King James and go into his court or disagree with him and be put in prison.

Jakey has really loved our story time book. We’ve read so far that Benjamin West has a real talent for drawing and needed supplies for his craft so he started taking the fur from Grimalkin to make paint brushes. Poor Grimalkin!

In science Jakey learned about what makes a bird a bird and all sorts of fun stuff about birds in general. We really need to get a field guide book for this kid. He loves sitting and watching birds and trying to identify them.

We took out a tape measure to see the different sizes ornithologists categorize birds in.

We made some silly sentences after learning what a subject and predicate were in language arts this week.

In math our friends Charlotte and Charlie wrote a letter to their grandparents about what they learned, and they made some leaf rubbings. Jakey got to make a pretty leaf rubbing too!

In our circle time the kids learned about the state of New York and they worked on a little note booking thing I made them. Which will soon be in a binder once I get around to buying one for each of them.


And to end the week off, Jakey lost a tooth!


Well  that’s it for this week, see you next time!

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