Week In Review: HOD BLHFHG Week 4

Hello everyone!

This week started out with a holiday and then ended with our first day of co-op!!

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Jacob is continuing his studies on birds in science. This week we had a fun little experiment/study to watch for how many birds go to what kind of bird food. Unfortunately, here in Minnesota, we’re entering fall and not many birds are sticking around. So we haven’t seen many birds at the feeder. This summer was a different story.

He also made a map of a bird, stating the different parts of a bird to help him with their field markings.


His big brother lovingly helped him finish it.

In the last unit we left the people of Scrooby trying to leave England for Holland. To the King’s dismay, he let them go and this unit we discussed life for the Pilgrims in their new home of Holland.

Jacob loves to draw and so I’ve been letting him just do his thing in his Draw Write Now  book. I think in the photo below he’s working on drawing something in the Bahamas.

I’m going to be honest. Jacob’s bible verse for this unit was long. And his copy work did not get finished. Simply because it’s like pulling teeth to get this kid to write and with a short week he didn’t get to do it every day like he normally does.

That’s it for this week, see you next time!

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