Week In Review: HOD BLHFHG Week 5

We’re on to Week 5 for little Jakey!

So much learning has been going on this week.

During our circle time this week the kids learned about the country of Switzerland, it brought back memories of when I had to do a report on the country in 3rd grade.


Jacob started learning about fractions, and we had this fun little fraction pizza helper to show him how fractions work.


In science this week Jakey learned a lot about bird feathers.

Here he’s demonstrating how this umbrella is like a bird’s tail  feathers to help them slow down and land.


Here he wanted to see what happened if you turned the umbrella the other way.

We had a nice day one day and did science outside. We even got to see a bird land on our bird feeder, we think it was a house sparrow.


We’ve been continuing learning about the pilgrims in Holland, Jacob got to make a fun little windmills because Holland is known for their windmills and tulips.


And oddly enough this was on my lock screen on my computer one day this week.

And he made a tulip too!


To round out the week the kids and I went to a dairy farm near us with our co-op family. We had so much fun and we got to even make butter!

Until next time!

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