Week In Review: HOD BLHFHG Week 6

I’m going to be honest here, this week was hard for me. I was blessed with some type of cold that I acquired from one of my children. Thus little man and I missed one day of school because I just was not feeling it.

Moving on..

This week the kids learned about the great composer Johannes Brahms and President John Polk, in circle time. We also learned that humpback whales are like DJ’s. Don’t believe me, check out this article.

We’re done with our first story time book, bye Grimalkin! We went a little past the suggested reading time. I don’t know how they expect us to read a chapter a day in a 5 week period. But I digress. We move on to an adventure themed story for our next unit.

Jakey learned the names of the oceans on Earth and why it was important for cities to be built near the coast.

I am really loving the boys’ math curriculum we picked this year. I feel like they’re learning a lot better than having a bunch of worksheets shoved under their noses.

We finished up discussing bird feathers this week in science and Jakey made this fun little mini book about feathers.

After this week the boys have a week off of school! Yippie!!

See you next time!


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