Week In Review: HOD RTR Week 2

It’s week two for Luke!

This week for his history project he made a pretty stained glass window.

In geography this week he took a look at how and where Christianity and other world religions spread during 500 BC and 600 BC.

This week he met Basil the Great, who was a Bishop of Caesarea. Along with his sister and brother and a childhood friend, they defended the orthodox Christianity against Arianism.

He also met Bishop Ambrose who was the governor of Milan at the time of Emperor Jovian’s death. He stood up against the empress Justina and her Arian beliefs.

After learning what astronomy was last week, he learned  about the sun. Since last week it was the solar eclipse event he got to learn a tad more about how solar eclipses happen.

This year Luke is also doing some poetry like Jakey. But his poetry study will be on the poems written by Emily Dickinson.

This week he read a poem that has no title. He was to come up with one based on what he read. Evidently he finished that part of this page he has to go with his poetry studies. AHEM. 


That’s it for this unit! See you next week!

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