Week In Review: HOD RTR Week 4

Welcome to week 4! For Luke at least.

This week in our circle time we talked about Switzerland! Mmmmm chocolate.

We’ve been studying in art, how restorers use objects to examine pictures, like what ingredients were used to paint each layer in a picture. We studied a painting done by Monet.

He also traveled to the area of Carthage or modern day Tunis. This area has a boat cul de sac (see link for information). This area was founded by a Phonetician Queen named, Queen Elissa.


This unit in our science lessons he learned about Venus.

This week Luke has started learning about Attlia the Hun and where he invaded parts of Western Europe.

Towards the end of the week we had a field trip to a dairy farm. We got to see baby cows, some chickens and got to make our own butter!

That’s it for now! See you next week!

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