Week In Review: HOD RTR Week 5

Welcome to HOD: Resurrection to Reformation Unit 5 week in review!

This unit’s theme is all about Missionaries, Monks, and Monasteries.

Luke learned all about Saint Patrick, Gregory the Great, and Benedict. Did you know that Gregory the Great became the first ever Pope? I did not. Then again, I’m not Catholic and never learned these things when I was his age.

Luke did this fun little activity for science involving M&Ms, P&B, powdered sugar and chocolate chips. It was hard to do it with his littlest  brother not wanting to eat all the candy.

It was to show the layers of the Earth. I don’t think this one turned out quite as well as we had anticipated.

See that circle bit in the picture? That is supposed to be the core of the earth. Not quite in the middle of the ball of stuff is it? Oh well. I’m told this tasted good. 🙂

In his English lessons he has been writing about the Archbishop of Canterbury. I will say, about 4 years ago, in the curriculum we used to use they would require him to write a paper. I thought, my goodness, this is going to be painful. I never ever made him write anything super long because a.) it took him FOREVER to write anything and b.) he struggled with coming up with things to say. I have to say I’m impressed with the writing curriculum we are using this year. He is becoming a great writer. Granted it is all on the computer but he comes up with the things to write. Now, we just need to work on his handwriting.

That’s all for this week!

The kids get a week break and then its back to the grindstone!

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