Week In Review: HOD RTR Week 6-10

Ok, so I realize that I have been severely absent when updating my blog with my week in reviews or anything else really.


Here’s a recap of the last 3 weeks or more with Luke’s school work.

Hang tight because we’re going through 4 weeks of stuff.

So for his history lessons he’s been learning about  the Byzantine Empire, a brief overview of the Islamic Empire and how that religion was created, the reign of Charlemagne,  the Vikings (and no, not the Minnesota Vikings), the Saxons, the Great Schism, and so many other things.


This is a castle he drew for I believe unit 7. He’s started to learn about the age of knights, like with swords and stuff.

This is a game he created and played with his brother.

He’s been cruising right along with math.

In science, he’s been learning about the moon, lunar eclipses, Mars, and he did this super cool experiment to simulate a volcanic eruption of Olympus Mars. It was pretty fun to watch.


In Spanish he’s been learning how to use asking questions to find out information of people.

I think I’ve covered everything here.

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