Weekly School Round-up #6

We didn’t have a full school week this week. We had Wednesday off to honor the Veterans in our lives.

Turbo finished up learning about habitats this week. He learned about the tundra, desert, and rainforest.

He made the layers of the rainforest picture (below) .

rainforest biome

rainforest biomes

He’s still learning only to count up to nine but we added a new number “zero/0” last week and this week. He gets really excited about writing it for some reason. Silly boy.

counting to 9


String Bean is finishing up learning about simple machines. It’s fun to see that he’s actually learning about simple machines. For example last weekend Mr. Newman was bringing our coffee table from our downstairs to the upstairs. And  mentioned something about it being harder going up than going down and String Bean said something about the inclined plane. I can’t remember exactly what he said but he is learning :).

He also has been learning Psalm 23 verse by verse in his bible studies. I hope he can recite the whole thing by the end of that unit.

He’s been working on multiplication like a madman as well. Today he started multiplying 3 digit numbers with one digit numbers. I can’t wait until he starts the double-digit with a double-digit. That was always a favorite of mine growing up….don’t ask why..

math homeschooling


That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for next week to find out what we’re doing in our classroom.

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