Weekly School Round-Up #9


It’s Friday!!


I think this has been the longest back to regular programming school week ever. I swear. Two weeks ago, in case you hadn’t noticed I did not do a weekly school post, my little Turbo bub got sick, in the middle of the store. Then I got sick the following day, which was Friday, so for obvious reasons I didn’t do a post for that week. Then last week I decided I was going to take the entire week off of school, because as soon as I was done being sick, String Bean got sick in the middle of the night during the weekend. I was not having it. I wanted everyone rested and well before Thanksgiving came and family. So I didn’t have a post last Friday, well because we didn’t have school.

So, we’re back this week! It was hard. String Bean is used to having breaks like this and getting back into the groove. However, little Turbo just was having a rough time with it.

Last week I had to sit down and figure out what we needed to make up from the lesson plans I had planned out at the beginning of the year. That was fun. I use this planning guide that’s online for homeschoolers called Lesson Trek. I like it. I think it’s awesome that you can plan everything out ahead of time and not on pieces of paper, but there’s one little thing I don’t like about it. It’s hard to move lessons around when you’ve missed a week or so of lessons. So, back to printing out lessons for this lady. Boo.


So this week, Turbo has learned about his body in science lessons.

He made these fun little nesting tubes I found on Our Time to Learn.

weekly school round up[1]

Then we traced him out on a large sheet of butcher paper and stuck some organs on it that he colored.

weekly school round up

weekly school round up

weekly school round up

He likes working on his math with his little brother’s Duplos instead of using the counting chips I had bought.

weekly school round up

String Bean has been working on learning about King David in his bible studies.

He’s been slowly working on a little geometry and algebra in math. *Shudder*

weekly school round up

weekly school round up

He’ll be finishing up with learning about the Grasslands of the world hopefully this week, if not next week in History and Geography, then he’ll move onto the rainforests. In science, I am a little annoyed with Lifepac for this, he’s been learning about electricity and things of that nature this unit, but the entire workbook is filled with experiments with items we don’t have on hand and don’t really have any use other than for these experiments to make an investment in it.

I’ve been toying with the idea for awhile that we are going to switch both of their curriculums for next year to one that my homeschooling mama friend has suggested. We’ll see.

But that’s all for now. Catch you next week!

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