What I’ve Learned From Being a Mama of Three

This post is a fun little list I’ve put together about things that kids do.

You ready?

Here we go!

  1. Kids always get sick in the middle of the night. ALWAYS.
  2. They can hear you digging through the snack draw even if they’re not in the house.
  3. They never leave you alone to use the bathroom
  4. Your hardest potty trainer will always have an accident while you’re out and don’t have any extra clothes with
  5. Going along with #4 bring a diaper bag with. ALWAYS.
  6. Always bring a barf bucket in the car. No matter where you go. ALWAYS.
  7. It warms the heart when little brother wants to feed the littlest brother
  8. Never wear the color white. Trust me.
  9. Keep dry erase markers away from children. Especially if they’re wearing nice clothes.
  10. They will always be polite and on their best behavior around other people than they will when they are at home.
  11. You will start sounding like your parents when you were your kids’ age. Saying the same phrases the exact same way.
  12. Acrylic paint is not a good idea for children.
  13. Little brothers will always annoy the big brothers.
  14. Big brothers will find ways to tease the little brothers
  15. Lego’s are the Devil’s toys. I swear to it.
  16. There’s never a dull moment.
  17. It warms the heart when big brother reads to little brother.
  18. You will find toy cars, rocks and various other things in pant pockets. Always check the pockets. Always.
  19. Sometimes your house will be a mess- in the great, wonderful words from Queen Elsa, let it go.
  20. Never ever clean before a party. It’s bound to get messy anyway, what’s the point. But make sure that the bathroom doesn’t smell like boy pee and the garbage isn’t full.
  21. Chocolate fixes everything. I mean everything. You got hurt? Want some M&Ms?
  22. Build up a reserve for patience when the kids aren’t around. Trust me, you’re gonna need it.
  23. Yelling sucks. Don’t do it. It hurts the throat, head and most importantly, the heart.
  24. Make coffee your new best friend. Because you won’t know what sleep is anymore.
  25. You’re going to have to repeat yourself more than once. It gets old, I know. Deal with it.
  26. Lastly, smile and laugh. As the TV show says “Kids say the darndest things and you’re going to be laughing a lot” Also, write down the funny moments and maybe the not so funny moments either. And take pictures to document it. 🙂


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