Why We Homeschool

**Disclaimer, these are reasons why we chose to homeschool our children and not put our children in the school system. If you feel the need to comment, please do so respectfully.**

Why do  we homeschool?

This is a question that we, or at least I get asked a lot when we meet new people. And frankly, I never really thought about why we do until this school year. I always felt there was some reason why but I could never put it into words.

And really,  (back story here) we started homeschooling when String Bean was 5 years old because we had recently moved to the Twin Cities, I had no idea where to send him for kindergarten because we had no friends with kids that lived here to ask questions about these things. Also, I stayed home with him and baby Turbo  and my sister-in-law homeschooled her kiddos and I thought why not give it a shot. What was there to lose?

I’ve only had one person give me a hard time about our decision to homeschool, and this person is someone who I thought was a friend ask me, Why in the world would you want to homeschool? Never did she give me an explanation that I shouldn’t but just made it seem like I was an idiot that I am doing this.  Thanks homie.

I want to preface this entire next section by saying I don’t hate the public school system and this is why I don’t want to send my kids to school. I also do not judge those who do send their kids to school. In fact the majority of my friends have their kids in school. I don’t try to force my “I  Love Homeschooling, so should you” agenda down their throats. If they can’t or don’t want to, that’s their choice not mine and I do respect that.  This is something Mr. Newman and I have discussed thoroughly and decided it was best for our family.

So, why do we homeschool. Here are a few reasons that I came up with.


  1. God.  Looking back at the last eight years, I feel like my getting let go of my job thus becoming a stay at home mama, moving to the Twin Cities and starting our homeschool journey was God’s plan for us. In fact I’m sure that this is what he wanted for us. He knew that this was what we needed to do for our kids. There were days in the beginning that I could not do this. I wanted to give up so many times (sometimes I still do) but I didn’t and here we are five years and two kids later, we’re still doing it. Granted it’s not always rainbows, glitter and unicorns, but we still do it.
  2. Academic  I want to preface this by saying, I’m not a teacher hater. I have a few friends who are teachers and I respect them as a teacher and a friend. As my kid’s teacher I can spend time with them one on one with subjects they are struggling with. We can go their pace. They don’t have to be on the same schedule as what their peers would be at if they were in a regular school setting. If Turbo is struggling with skip counting and we have to work on that for a week, then we work on it for a week until he gets it. I also love the idea that we get to choose what we want to learn about for the school year. A homeschool dad and friend of ours mentioned to me one day  that he his so happy that they homeschool their kids now because they get to learn things that may not have learned in school but their kids get to learn more things because mom and dad chose it for them. I feel the same way. For example, this year for the first half the school year, String Bean has learned about the ancients, I don’t even think we learned about the ancient civilizations in school at this age when I was in school. But he learned about the Greeks, the Romans, and some other ancient civilizations. Topics, I’m sure are either not taught or hardly discussed at his age, let alone at any part of the school curriculum.  I don’t have to make sure that my curriculum is ok to use by anyone else other than myself. I get to make choices as to what curriculum best fits our family and what doesn’t.
  3. Safety I know we can’t protect our kids forever, but I can at least make sure they are safe at home in my care and they won’t be bullied at school because they are wearing the wrong kind of shoes or clothes. Kids are mean, and I know my kids are not mean kids, nor do I want them to turn out to be mean kids because some kid in their class decides to pick on them because they’re weird or whatever.
  4. Social Skills  I haven’t had anyone really ask me if I’m concerned about my kids’ social skills and really the answer to that is no. I’m not. We go to church every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening (during the school year). They are involved with Sunday school on Sunday mornings and Wednesday night activities, where there are a lot of other kids their age and older/younger than them. They are also involved in a co-op where, again, same situation as in church and they get to interact with kids of all ages and personalities. And I can help build healthy relationships for my kids by being around others who emulate good behavior. We also spend time with other families outside of church and co-op. We go to stores and other places during the day so my kids know how to interact with adults as well.
  5. Freedom I love this one. Freedom. We are free to do school whenever and however we want. Wanna do school outside today? Let’s do it. Wanna start school at 2 pm because we have appointments in the morning or a playdate that day? Alright. Wanna go to the zoo today? Sounds good!  Do you want to spend 3 months in England ? We can call that school. We are free to make that choice. We can also take a family trip somewhere. I don’t have to pull the kids out of school and make sure they don’t miss anything important because we choose to go on a family vacation. And since we live in Minnesota,  it gets cold here during the months of November-March, I don’t have to bundle my littles up and haul them to school or make them stand out in the freezing cold to wait for the bus. We can stay home all day if we wanted to and learn.

So those are my reasons, crazy they may be, but they’re my crazy reasons. There are times where yeah, I wish we didn’t homeschool and my kids went to school and I could go meet up with my other stay at home mama’s for coffee or to shop without 3 kids at my side. But I think of all the learning that we’re all getting from me teaching them and I think, that it’s not all that bad.

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  1. I wish It would be possible to do it here in Spain. I agree with you. Do you teach them yourself or they have a teacher at home?
    Best regards from Spain

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