The Word Smart Kid

Last week I briefly mentioned this thing called the  8 intelligences. What they were, how to identify what your child’s intelligence is, how you can nurture your child’s intelligence, and ways that can hinder or paralyze your child’s intelligence.

Today I’m going to dive in a little deeper with one of the intelligences that was mentioned in my last post.

Get ready because here comes the first one!

How to tell if your kiddo is Word Smart

Here are some indicators to tell if your kiddo is word smart. They talk a lot, not necessarily to you or others, but to themselves as well. They love to read. These kiddos generally start speaking at an early age. They are more curious about writing than maybe their siblings are and can write easily. They are well-informed most of the time and want to share their opinions  and ideas with others. These kiddos enjoy school and do well.

Struggles for word smart kids

Word smart kids need to be super careful with their intelligence. They can get caught up in the sins of the tongue such as gossiping, teasing, lying and arguing. This smart can also lead to kids to needing to have the last word in a conversation or talking when they should be listening. They can also be prideful when it comes their smarts and how they are excelling in school. They may want to show off their knowledge and/or vocabulary.


Ways to strengthen this intelligence

For those kids who don’t have this is as one of their high intelligences there are ways to strengthen it. One way is to simply read out loud often. Choose well rounded books, nonfiction is a good place to start,  that are a little above the child’s reading level. To help with their writing, come up with some fun ways for them to practice their writing, like writing thank you notes to people who have given them gifts or Sunday School teachers at the end of the year. And of course play some games together as a family, some fun ones are Scattergories, Apples to Apples, and Bananagrams. 

Is your kiddo a word smart kiddo?

Stay tuned for the next post about the 8 intelligences.

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